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Akron Park with the FamLeigh, Geocaching DNF 4 times

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Holimont with the Galin’s & Russ’s

Visit the Russ Family Holihouse

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Fun Tubing with the FamLeigh

Snow Tubing at PolorWinds in Batavia

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How To Survive A Road Trip With Children, and not kill them.

Pack the least needed items first: There is nothing worse than needing a diaper only to discover that you packed them 1st and they are buried all the way in the back. Hold off packing the most needed items till last, this way you know right where they are. Continue reading

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Wasps are not tickley

So to start off, a little about my son Kevin. This Kid is so happy and such a jokester. He was born happy, I like to say when the doctor slapped him at birth he laughed. OK, so the other … Continue reading

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“Seamus” by Martin Harrington

Seamus is the man responsible for bringing just about our entire family to the United States so many years ago. He was the adventurer in the family, the one who had the motivation to get out out of economically strapped … Continue reading

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Uncle Seamus, father, husband and word weaver.

Seamus Mc- Mahon often was struck with inspiration in the middle of the night. He would scribble his thoughts and fax them to his daughter in the morning. It was Adele Viger’s role to decipher the scrawl, type it and … Continue reading

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Treking the world, just a little sunburn!

Take a look at my neice’ Deirdre’s blog. She and her husband Brain (awsome guy) are treking through Guatemala…

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The Ginger Ale Rules

It was at that moment that I discovered what kind of parent I wanted to be. My first impulse was to replay the parent tape that most of us grew up listening to: “Drink your ginger ale,” I almost said. “Don’t play with it.” But I didn’t say that. I didn’t say anything. I just watched my son blow into his ginger ale through a straw. And it was quite beautiful-my perfectly sun-browned son, the straw, the glass, and the bubbles in the pale-gold liquid. Continue reading

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Aunt Josie has passed away.

I believe there are people that were put on this earth as direct conduits to God and mother Mary.     We lost one of those people this week. Aunt Josie was the holiest person I have ever met. “Before … Continue reading

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