Can we have peace?

My father-in-law-was telling me a story the other day about a luncheon he was at, where the speaker, prayed before the meal. The prayer was the standard Christian Bless us Jesus for the food.. well you know the rest.

A older Jewish woman at the table my father-in-law was sitting at said. “Didn’t the Christians have enough, with Christmas. Why do we have to put up with Jesus talk all the way into January”

Well, to my father-in-laws credit he did not ruin the lunch for everyone at the table by barking at the lady. But when he was telling the story, my gut reaction was:

We will never have peace with that kind of attitude.

At what point in this world will Religion not become a reason to be angry. God, in whatever form he/she takes in your believe system is always tolerant. So why do we use His/Her name to hate, discriminate or like the lady at the lunch, be plain nasty about?

Listen I am Catholic, but have a deep respect for all religions. Here is why for example:

  • Think of the pilgrimage that millions of Muslims have taken over the years to Mecca
  • Think of the years spent by the Hindus at prayer wheels and in mediation.
  • Think of the months spent by Catholic children preparing for their First Communion or Jewish children in prep for Bar Mitzvah.

Each religion is very personal and very important to the person that practices it. In fact even those who are not active in their church or religion usually have deep believe system, that should never be questioned.

I have been at Jewish events, and heard grumblings from the Christian’s in the room. I have heard the stereo types that make up our country. I just want to say again.

We will never have peace with that kind of attitude.

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