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See, Video games will prepare our kids for the future

Post Apocalyptic prep for our children through Video Games. Continue reading

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Quest to be black since Obama

I am not insensitive to the amazing times we are in. Who would have thought a black president would happen in our lifetime? What is disappointing is how quick the advertisers jumped on the Black is cool band wagon. Again I … Continue reading

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Budget… Yea right.

So when times are good, you can budget at the seat of your pants and probably get away with it. Suddenly I matured (at 46) and decided to really work on budgets this year. So I started like everyone else … Continue reading

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Wasps are not tickley

So to start off, a little about my son Kevin. This Kid is so happy and such a jokester. He was born happy, I like to say when the doctor slapped him at birth he laughed. OK, so the other … Continue reading

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Guide to a good day at the office.

QUALITY vs quantity, UX process. Check email ONLY: 10AM 1PM 4PM Send any time Set email to check every 3 hours. NO email on evenings. NO email on weekends. EMERGENCY? = Use phone. FOCUS 1-3 Activities max/day LOG 1-3 Succinct … Continue reading

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