Rant about Gay Pride and dieing

My niece (who is an amazing, smart and wonderful person) commented the other day about this kid that won’t pledge allegiance to the flag until gays are equal with straights. This is my rant response.

As a 1st gen emigrant I am proud to be a US Citizen, and find it difficult to understand, with all of the children that are dieing in other countries,that a gay marriage issue is even important right now. We need that 10 year old to ask why health care or gay marriage is more important that life care.
Many¬† voted to get a government that ran on a platform of closing prisons and ending the war. Instead they got, bloatware, Cash for clunkers, and 3 months of our congresses time rushing healthcare. I have an employees son who now walks with prosthetics. A best friend that lost 2 children (18 and 19) to the hills of Afghanistan, and at this moment, I of know many who are hoping to see their kids in one piece for Christmas, praying to NOT see the uniformed officers at their door to say “We regret to inform you that your son has been killed”. Sorry to my gay friends, I know this issue of gay rights is troublesome, but lets work on our government to save lives, create some jobs for the one in 10 that have no job and the on in 80 that have no home first…

Mary added the following comments this morning.

My first concern was with the child and his feelings- not politics- after listening carefully to the content of what that child said- I reiterate that that child was coached by a parent/ family member/significant other. I do not believe putting your child on the national spotlight was the best way to handle the situation! The child himself is having difficulty handling this with peers-they could of used collabrative problem solving etc- without the parents exposing him to national television.

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