GeoCaching, our latest hobby

My Son preping the Geocache

Mary works on Sunday’s so its just me and the boys. With the ridiculously cold weather lately, it is hard to have an excuse to go outside. Then one day in late December, we were out walking the our dog Guinness, in Como Park and an 11 year old boy joined us. He was cool and my boys 6 and 9 started having fun with our new visitor.

Suddely the kid was gone, and we kind of felt weird because his bike was still on the path. The he appeared again with a small box in his hand. We asked what is that, he sail a geoCache letter box. Then he gave a explanation, and the boys and I were hooked.

Soon we had the our dog renamed to Guinness the Geo-Dog, my truck became the Reboooot, the Geo Truck. We even have 7 caches out there of our own already.

It is a fun filled sport, that helps you find places you would have never been too, if it was not for the challenge of finding these hidden treasures. The Sense of community is amazing, with other cachers helping you with positive feedback along the way.

I recommend it highly if you have younger children, because they love to be with you and love the challange of the hunt.

Plus the GeoDog gets his needed exercise. Go to and join up.

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