OMG, Adobe Software Support. PC to Mac gone bad.

So I took the plunge and switched to a Mac, no small feat for a PC geek like me.
So I had to reinstall the MAC version of my software. Microsoft, no problem they had a form for that, and in minutes i was typing in my Mac Key.

In almost every case the PC Key just worked on the MAC.

Then I get to Adobe CS5, no form. So I email tech support, I must return my software. So I fill in the forms, then they tell me I cannot get a key i need new disks. I say, but I am using the trial, I just need the key. They say no, a week to 10 days and you have to pay for the CD-ROM, how silly.

1 hour and 5 minutes to find all this out.

About Kevin Leigh

Kevin and his wife Mary have been married for 25 years with three boys ranging in age from 12 to 27. He is the co-founder of Dealer Simplified a WNY company.
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